Sample Programmes

Vive les femmes

Lily Boulanger               D’un Matin de Printempts

Germaine Tailleferre     Trio


Cecile Chaminade        Piano Trio

Frau und Musik

Barbara Heller            Lalai

Johanna Senfter           Trio no 2


Fanny Mendelssohn       Trio in D minor               

Women of Europe

Luise A. Le Beau          Trio D minor op 15

Henriette Bosmans      Trio


Dora Pejacevic          Trio

Across the Atlantic

Amy Beach               Trio

Julia Smith               Trio Cornwall


Rebecca Clarke           Piano Trio

Schumann/Brahms  Triangle

Includes readings from diaries and letters between Clara, Robert and Johannes.

Clara Schumann     Piano Trio G minor

Robert Schumann     Fantasie Pieces


Johannes Brahms     Piano Trio C minor

English Phantasie

John Ireland                    Phantasie in A minor

Frank Bridge                    Phantasy Trio


Samuel Coleridge Taylor    5 Negro Melodie

Rebecca Clarke                    Piano Trios     

Russian Sentiment

Rachmaninov          Trio élegiaque in G minor

Kashperova          Piano Trio in A minor


Shostakovich          Piano Trio no 2 in E minir

German Masterpieces

J. Haydn                    Piano Trios

L.v. Beethoven          Piano Trio


J.Brahms               Piano Trio


With Insights to the composers' lives by Anna Beer

Breaking the silence

Silent Scores - Talk and Concert

Is another generation growing up not finding out about the musical magic of of Dora Pejacevic, Lili Boulanger, Pauline Viardot, Marguerite Canal?

There are so many female composers who have written not only huge amounts chamber music but also mountains of symphonic works.

We all learn the same concertos for our orchestral auditions, just as we have for generations and yet there are superb concertos by Grażyna Bacewicz, Florence Price and Henriëtte Bosmans.

It was immensely difficult for women to get their works published during their lifetimes. But now there is a second struggle: we have to find these hidden treasures, these silent scores. How do we choose which works to study? Our teachers have grown up with a traditional repertoire of male composers only.

With my talk about women composers, I hope show how we can make their music part of the main curriculum and consequently part of the standard repertoire for concert halls, competitions and auditions.

Spirit of France

C.Saint-Saens               Piano Trio

Germaine Tailleferre     Trio


Lily Boulanger     D’un Matin de Printempts

M. Ravel               Piano Trio A minor

Henriette Bosmans Pure

Violin Sonata

Cello Sonata


Arietta for violin and piano

Piano Trio


Mel Bonis                    Soir & Matin

Kate Loder                    Piano Trio


Leokadiya Kashperova          Trio in A minor


Kate Loder               Piano Trio in D minor

Rebecca Clarke          Piano Trio          


Ethel Smyth               Trio in D minor

Schumann - Brahms Triangle

The concert includes readings of letters between Clara, Robert and Johannes taking a journey though their lives.